Bridal Shower Games

Here is a list of Bridal Shower (Kitchen Tea) games. There are still many more we do not know about but maybe you do! Email us and let us know.

Advice Game

Everyone writes down a piece of advice on a separate sheet of paper which are then all mixed together. The hostess should already have made a list of problems married couples may encounter. Each problem is read out and a piece of advice is randomly selected as the solution. This is also read out loud.

Bridal Quiz

Contact the groom and ask him 20 questions about the bride. At the shower, each guest and the bride answers the questions. The guest with the most correct answers (according to the groom) wins. The bride's answers are then compared with the groom's out loud.

Bride's Comments

Have someone write down the bride's comments as she opens each gift. Read these back to her as if they were comments she was to make on the wedding night - eg "I love it, but it's too small", "Mum uses hers all the time"

Chair Game

Everyone turns their chair around so their backs are to the table. You start asking questions (Did you kiss your husband goodbye, How many children you have, Are you wearing stockings, are you single, etc) For each question the guest answers yes to, she moves over a seat. You then get piled up. Prizes can be awarded to the tallest column, who moved most, least, etc.

Clothespin Game

Everyone is given a peg at the beginning of the shower and then rules are nominated. They may be for the group or everyone has their own rule. Rules can include 'you can't play with your hair', 'you can't say wedding', etc. Each time someone is caught breaking a rule, their peg is stolen by the person who caught them. The winner is the person with the most pegs at the end of the shower.

Cotton Ball Game

Guests take turns being blind folded and handed a wooden spoon as well as a bowl of cottonballs. Whoever gets the most cottonballs on her head in the set time wins. (This is good for baby showers as well - just use blue and pink cottonballs)

Dancing With the Groom

This is a game that we play (since 1975) at almost every bridal shower and seems to be a big hit. You buy a new broom and turn it upside down and dress it with eyes, mouth, bow-tie, glasses or whatever. Then during the party, you announce that the groom has decided to show up and is here to dance. Everyone stands in a circle and someone plays music while passes the "groom" around until the music stops. Whoever is left holding the broom sits down and the music is started again. This continues until only one person is left "dancing with the groom" who wins the prize The broom is then presented to the bride-to-be to keep. Courtesy J Williams

Design a Gown

Everyone is divided into small groups and given a number of toilet paper rolls. A time limit is set and each group must design a gown using the toilet paper and any items they have in their handbag. At the end of the time, the "gowns" are judged for funniest, most stylish, etc.

Do You Know Me?

The bride fills out a facts sheet about herself and then each guest must try and guess what the bride would answer. Questions could include Favourite food, Favourite band, First kiss, etc. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Famous Couples

Cut out pictures of famous couples and paste them on a large board. Cover them all up. Remove the cover from the bodies first and have the guests guess who the couple are. Once it has been guessed correctly, remove the cover on the faces. Move onto the next couple. Whoever guesses the most correct, wins.

From My Kitchen

Select about 20 Gifts from the brides kitchen and seal them in a brown paper bag (Don't use sharp objects!). These are then passed around and each guest gets 30 seconds to guess and write down what she thinks is in the bag, then pass it on to the next person. The person with the most correct answers wins. Remember, the faster the pace the harder it gets.

Hide & Seek

Household items are bought and hidden around the yard. Guests are divided into groups of two and given a list with clues as to the items they must find. (eg. Iced tea pours very well from me - Pitcher, Where you store your aeroplanes - Hangers, etc) Whoever finds all the items on their list first, wins. The bride gets to keep all the items as a gift from the host.

How They Met

Write out the story of the bride and groom met then take out the key words. Fill in the blanks by asking the guests for verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc then read the new story back to everyone.

Interchangeable Gifts

Wrap some gifts in all differest sizes and colours. Some should be cheap amusing gifts (try a $2 store) while others a little nicer (bath oils, small picture frame, etc). Set a timer for about 10 minutes depending on the number of guests, longer for more people. The bride roll the dice and if she gets a 1 or a 5 she gets to pick a gift from the centre of the circle. The dice passed around and anyone who gets a 1 or a 5 is allowed to select a gift. When all the presents have been chosen, gifts can be taken from someone who alredy has one or trade their gift for another. At the end of the set time, whoever has a gift, gets to keep it.

Jellybean Truths

Each guest is given a set number of jellybeans. Everyone must then make a statement beginning with "I never....". These must all be true. When a statement is made, you must eat a jellybean if the statement is true for you. Controversial statements are great fun! (I never gossip!! Is there anyone who doesn't eat a jellybean?) The winner is the person who has the most jellybeans left after a complete round.

Keepsake Advice

A handy idea for the bride - decorate index cards and punch a hole in the top left hand corner. Get each guest to write down a marriage tip or household hint on a card then collect them and tie them together with ribbon from another gift.

Let's Get Acquainte

d This is for showers where there are many guests who don't know each other. The hostess reads out a list of questions (How are you related to the groom, Who here is in your immediate family, What is one unique fact about you, Give a piece of advice to make a happy marriage). Each guest writes her answers down and then go around the room with everyone reading their answers out loud. You can give prizes to the best, funniest answers.

My Name Means...

Each guest makes words out of the letters in the couple's names'. These are then read aloud and prizes can be awarded for the funniest, best, etc.

Name the Ad

Cut out magazine ads and remove the names of the products. Each guest then writes down the product that she thinks is being advertised. The most correct answers wins.

Peg Game

A piece of string is attached across a doorway and pegs are placed on it. Each guest has a turn to see how many pegs they can remove with one hand, not using their body. The winner is the person who collects the most pegs.

Toilet Paper Pass

A roll of toilet paper is handed around and each guest takes as many sheets as they like. Once everyone has done this, everyone must state a fact about themselves for every sheet they have taken - ie. four sheets taken requires four facts. This is a good game when guests may not know each other too well as it helps to break the ice.

Trivia Quiz

This is best if the questions relate to the bride and groom, love, marriage, etc. Questions could relate to theme of the shower. eg A 'Month' Shower could have questions such as What month did the couple meet?, What month was the groom born?, What month is diamond the birthstone for?The honeymoon is in Cairns. What is Cairns' rainiest month?, etc.

Wedding Albums

Have all the guests bring their wedding albums to the shower. Sit back and enjoy the changing styles, traditions, colours, hairdos, etc.

Wedding Bingo

Make up blank bingo cards. Each guest fills in her card with gifts she thinks the bride will receive. As the gifts are opened, the guests mark them off their cards. The first complete card wins.

Wedding Pictionary

This game is played like the original except with different cards. A new set of cards are devised which must relate to weddings or the bride and groom.

Wedding Word Scramble

Take several words that deal with the bride and groom and getting married. Mix the words up and place a line next to each. Give each guest a copy and then set a timer. Whoever has unscrambled the most at the end of the time wins.


A set of scales is placed in the centre of the room and everyone must "weigh-in" their handbag. Give prizes for the lightest, heaviest, closest to the bride's, etc.

What's In A Bag?

Make a list of items found in a hand bag and assign points to each, uncommon items receive more points. After you've named all the items have everyone count up all their points and the person who has the most wins.

What Spice Is That?

Cover up the labels on spice jars and hand them around with each guest trying to identify the spice from smelling it only (No peeping!). The guest with the most correct wins. You could also use white powders from the kitchen for this game (flour, bi-carb soda, etc).

Who Am I?

Make cards with names written on them (All famous people plus bride and groom) then tape one card to each person's back. Guests can only ask yes or no questions (Am I a singer?, Am I Australian?, etc). There is no order. Guests can ask anyone questions at any time.

Word Association

Read out a list of words. Each guest writes down the first word that comes to mind. The winner is the person who has the most matches with the bride. Don't tell players this until they have written their lists.

Word Find

Make up a word find game using words relating to weddings, the bride and groom, etc. Call out each word individually and the first person to find it gets a point. At the end, the person with the most amount of points wins.

Write Me A Song

Guests are broken up into teams and then each team composes a little song about the bride and groom based on what they know about them. Prizes can be awarded for the best, funniest, truest, etc.